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Hurricane powerpoint

Hurricane powerpoint

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Hurricanes powerpoint. 1. HURRICANES; 2. also called typhoons ( Pacific), willi willis (Australia). HURRICANES The History, Structure, Development, and Destruction Source: Hurricanes powerpoint. Smithtown High School West. They are tropical cyclones (low pressure areas) with sustained winds at least 64 knots (74 mph). Strongest hurricane on record (Camille) had winds exceeding.

HURRICANES – NATURE'S FURY!!! Check these out You'd probably want to evacuate at this point What kind of damage are we talkin' about here?. What are hurricanes? (AKA cyclones and typhoons). intense low pressure disturbances; Form, migrate over tropical ocean regions; conditions required: high. Hurricanes. (Tropical Cyclones). Geography of storm names. Atlantic and eastern Pacific: “hurricanes” Indian Ocean and Australia: “cyclones”. Western Pacific.

Typhoon Angela. Progression of tropical storms leads to hurricane: 1. tropical disturbances. disorganized groups of thunderstorms; some spin: 90% fizzle out. Develop a hurricane wind-field analysis in “real time” and make it available to hurricane specialists at the Tropical Prediction Center; Send reliable observations. Hurricanes are not the normal storms created when cold and warm fronts collide. This powerpoint was kindly donated to


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